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Hello and Welcome to my page! Mine name is Kinga. I started this blog off line when I was 8 years old. I would like to tell you all about me and what kind of person I am.

I like: Singing ( which you can listen to on my YouTube channel ) dancing, people ( meeting new people ) nature, animals, travelling ( I like to find out about new places, cultures) writing.

I am 12years old (two years and counting home schooled) and now with my parents held I’ve managed to have my own online Crochet store

“Crochet (English: /kroʊˈʃeɪ/; French: [kʁɔʃɛ]) is a process of creating textiles by using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials.”-wikipedia

It took me two years to learn and I am now very passionate about it. It makes me very happy seeing smilly people’s faces after they receive my work. I am taking my sewing lessons at the moment, I shall talk about it later.

Thank you for visiting my page I look forward to seeing you again soon. Please, do get in touch.




Kinga's Crochet World

I hope I will inspire you to learn how to crochet. I will be sharing many useful tips and trick plus my own patterns that are easy to follow.

My website is not finished yet, however it is a good start to get me going to reach out to as many of you as possible and who knows we might do something together in the near future or meet somewhere exotic.  I will be updating you about my journey every time I find some time between my studies. I have few school exams coming up. Stay tuned and positive. Life is full of adventures.


Our Creative Team

My parents are such goal getters who motivate me every day to strive for the best. I am very blessed to be              co-creating this project with them. 



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Have a wonderfull day !!!

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